Russian Navy Callsigns

Below is a list of Russian Navy callsigns that have been picked up on HF over the last few years. Clicking on the link below will open the file in PDF format.

Where callsigns have been positively tied up to certain ships or stations, this is also shown. The list will be updated as new callsigns are worked out.

*** I have decided to reintroduce the callsign list after receiving requests to do so, however, any use of this list elsewhere without the appropriate acknowledgement will result in its removal again.

    This includes the use by unscrupulous companies that create databases and then sell the information at extortionate prices – you know who you are

This list takes lots of time and research by those that are involved in its creation.***

Russian Navy CW Callsign list

The UDXF group provides an excellent list of frequencies used by the Russian Navy, located here in PDF format, created by one of the members, Jim. Thanks to Ary at UDXF for allowing me to link in to the file.


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