Hi, my name is Tony Roper. I’ve been taking photographs of aircraft from about the age of 13 when I was introduced to the world of Aviation by my Stepdad. This interest led me into Air Traffic Control, in which I’ve been part of for nearly 27 years, starting as an ATC Assistant in the RAF. Serving in the RAF gave me plenty of opportunities to develop my aviation photography, with access to areas out of bounds to most. I left the RAF in 1998, becoming a Civillian ATC Assistant before progressing on to be a Controller.

Most recently I have been providing photos to IHS Jane’s for their yearbooks and magazines, in particular Fighting Ships, and I have written articles for their Jane’s Intelligence Review magazine. As well as the photos in Fighting Ships, I also carry out research on the Russian Navy providing data to the editor to help keep the information in the book as accurate as possible. Photos have also been published in Warships IFR.

As well as the IHS Jane’s publications, my work has been published in many other magazines and books and have been used by aircraft leasing companies.

I also write for The Spectrum Monitor where I generally specialise in listening to the Military radio bands, especially the Russian Navy and Air Force.

To view some of my photos and videos take a look at my website:
Tony Roper Photography


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  1. Hello tony…..I am also interested in russian CW signs since a lot of time. So Suddenly i read just your last artikel about locations and using call signs etc……in one case i could give you some other informationen…in your explain of the message (wx)…can we write and talk private here ?

  2. Ciao Tony, witch frequency book would you recommend? I always bought the klingenfuss books but I looking for something more reliable on utilities stations and rtty systems . Would be nice to see on here a test between all different Hf frequencies books available on market.



    • Hi Claudio. There’s no definitive answer to that question as in general there’s no publication that can give 100% of the information needed – much like internet search “databases” such as the Global Tuners Frequency database. They are out of date on publication.

      But I can highly recommend the following two books. I use them both over the GT online database, especially as because they’re paper you can write your own notes or make additions to entries.

      The books:
      Michael Marten’s “Spezial-Frequenzliste”
      Roland Proesch’ “Frequency Handbook for Radio Monitoring HF”

      Using them both covers everything pretty much. I did a small review in March 2014 – https://planesandstuff.wordpress.com/2014/03/14/book-review-follow-up/

      If you can afford then I’d go for both. Roland has a complete series of books that you may also be interested in, Michael is planning on a new book for Autumn this year

      There’s links to Roland’s page in the review above; Michael’s sales page is here:



  3. Hi Tony
    Thanks a million for your complete infos about those Frequencies book , I will order Michael Marten’s “Spezial-Frequenzliste” on meantime have a great evening! and good catch on beautiful Hf bands !

    73 from Sunny Glasgow


  4. Just read your article in The Spectrum Monitor for October 2016. I’ve enjoyed the series of articles you’ve written in there very much – they are very informative!

    There is an article I’d like you to read and give feedback on. Please email me at your convenience, and I’ll send you a link to the article.


  5. Hi Tony,

    I would like to ask you some opinions or advice. I want to buy a new SDR but I am a little bit hesitating between several possibilities. How can I contact you?


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