170+ Military vehicles at Belarus/Ukraine Border 0757z 24/2/22

*Edited Version

  • Capella Space imagery collected at 0757z on 24/2/22 shows 170+ vehicles
  • Located at 51.5136 29.850
  • 5 km NW of Belarus/Ukraine Border
  • 21.5 km NW of Chernobyl

Recent imagery released by Capella Space shows at least 170 military vehicles waiting in multiple columns at an abandoned village in Belarus. It is located 5 km to the NW of the Belarus/Ukraine border, and 21.5 km from Chernobyl.

At least one column is over 700 metres long and is on the main road to the border crossing point.

The image was collected at 0757z on 24 February 2022, hours before combat at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station resulted in Russian Forces taking control of the area.

The imagery cannot distinguish vehicle types or to whom they belong though it is presumed Russian military waiting to cross into Ukraine.


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