Ruhpolding Biathlon

We took a small trip to Ruhpolding in Germany during January to watch the Biathlon World Cup that is staged there every year.

A great experience and something I’m sure we’ll do again.

Whilst I work on my next article, feel free to enjoy the video we made whilst there for the week


2 thoughts on “Ruhpolding Biathlon

  1. Great video – so you’d recommend going to a Biathlon World Cup event? I’ve enjoyed it on the tv for the last couple of years, and wondered if it would be good fun to go to one. Were there good crowds, and a good atmosphere at the end and in bars in the evening? Thanks!

    • Hi Barry, glad you enjoyed the video. I’d certainly recommend Ruhpolding as it was great. Crowd wise, on the Saturday there were 21,000+ spectators – I’m sure from the video that you can see that there was plenty of alcohol available and at very cheap prices 🙂 The whole of Ruhpolding town is a bar in the evenings 🙂

      The only thing we’d change is not to purchase tickets for the stand at the range as it’s much better out on the track. There’s big screens everywhere so that you can see the action that takes place during the shooting

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