Roland Proesch Radio Monitoring books 2015

Roland Proesch has recently updated his books on Radio monitoring.

Published in the last month or so, the four books are great additions to your bookshelves and priced at 49Euros each plus postage. He does do bundle offers if you’re thinking of buying more than one of the titles.

The titles are:
Technical Handbook for Radio Monitoring HF
Technical Handbook for Radio Monitoring VHF/UHF
Signal Analysis for Radio Monitoring
Frequency Handbook for Radio Monitoring HF

CoverTechnicalHandbook2013_1EI reviewed the 2013 edition of Radio Monitoring HF in March 2014.

Roland provided me with a PDF of the changes and additions to the books which you can find here:
New in Technical Handbooks

For more information on prices and examples from the books head over to Roland’s website

I will hopefully be reviewing three other radio monitoring books by three different authors in the next month:
Professioneller Kurzwellenfunk by Nils Schiffhauer
Spezial-Frequenzliste 2015/16 by Michael Marten
International Call Sign Handbook by Larry Van Horn

2 thoughts on “Roland Proesch Radio Monitoring books 2015

  1. Hi Tony, Site looks as good as ever! I especially love the small photo of the Dragon Rapide on the book cover (?) Years ago, circa 1950s, my Dad used to take to the then Cardiff Airport while it was still at Pengam or Tremorfa as some called it. You could walk up to the planes even the RAAF ones, (Tiger Moths and Chipmunks) and the Cambrian Airways Rapides and look right in ! Honest! And you would not get a MP5 rammed up your bugle. Man am I OLD!!! Thanks again Tony, love the Russian monitoring stuff and may even copy some of their Txs. ! Thanks and Regards, Gary

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