Bear Hunting – part two

Well it appears I may have been wrong about the previous mission in January by the Russian Bears and their routing down the English Channel – though there is still no hard evidence this did happen. But, for now then I will accept that it did unless proven otherwise.

On February the 18th the Russians carried out another flight down the west coast of Ireland, outside any sovereign airspace and this time causing less disruption than in January. That isn’t to say there wasn’t some traffic information given by Shanwick and Shannon about unknown traffic.

Kyle, aged 15, a member of a closed forum I’m in, was able to pick up some good comms from the Typhoons, including confirmation of the tail numbers of the two Bears:
Lead aircraft = RF-94130 (24 Red)
Second aircraft = RF-94116 (28 [Red])

Personally I didn’t get much but what I do have is available here:

NOTE – These recordings are copyrighted to me. It has been noticed that other recordings have ended up on YouTube, uploaded by a third party. Should this happen with my recordings, further action will be taken

8131Khz – 1744z 51131 calls BALANS with message
531 027 103 572 874 960 825 069 068 549 290

1747z KATOLIK calls 51131 for the message too

8131kHz – 1805z 51131 calls BALANS with message
531 640 103 931 345 097 830 872

Note that the first and third groups are the same in both messages. I’m still working on a possible decode for these messages


A couple of things.

Firstly, I noticed that if you collate the first six numbers of the above messages they could well be Lat/Long positions.

5310.27N (0)1032.02W
5316.40N (0)1039.31W

Putting that into Bing Maps you get:

It is known that the Bears flew approximately 10 to 15 miles off the coast of Ireland and this does tie in quite nicely with that. However, this doesn’t run with other messages received unfortunately. But, I’ll keep plugging away any further messages to see if there is a crack for some of them.

On to the second update.

I must have put my Excalibur on to record when I got back from work on the 19th but then forgot about it. Whilst deleting the backlog of recordings I noticed there was one I hadn’t listened to and quickly discovered I’d captured some further messages on this day too. Here’s the recording, with a transcription below (thanks to Ron for checking (and correcting) my Russian translation):

8131 – Bear Net

1502z BALANS calls 69341 and 69342

1503z [aircraft passes message, not heard]

1504z BALANS reads back
636 804 856 444 517 803

1505z BALANS reads back
809 698 525 048 517 326

1506z BALANS reads back
207 201 617 371 151 667 613

1510z BALANS reads back
891 804 707 677 517 211
[lots of error change messages with grp1 becoming 575, grp3 606]

1514z BALANS reads back
293 301 604 252 503 933 630
[lots of error change messages with grp2 becoming 201, grp4 952]

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