Boring few weeks

Well its been over two weeks since my last blog and I’d like to say lots has happened – but it hasn’t

My new HD Camcorder arrived as expected but I really haven’t had much of a play with it. The weather hasn’t been that good to get out and about; and I’ve been fairly busy with work and other things that has got in the way a bit. Hopefully in the next few weeks I’ll be able to give it a good testing.

As I said, the weather has been pretty bad. Plenty of windy 60mph+ days and lots of rain made for a couple of interesting days; especially when the sea got pretty high out the front – I live right next to a harbour. It was just inches from being high enough to get over the harbour wall.

Luckily the wind didn’t damage either my VHF/UHF or SBS antennas attached to the chimney so everything is normal there; but my attempts at creating another VHF/UHF antenna didn’t end up too well. I appear to have lost all skill in soldering and couldn’t get anything to stick together. After hours of trying I’ve just given up – at this rate it would start to get more expensive building my own than buying a prebuilt one. So I’m going to look into getting one online sometime soon – probably at the same time as getting a Bearcat UBC800XLT

The HF listening has been good. In fact I tend to listen to that more than anything at the moment. Plenty of stuff has been heard with Shanwick; and I was able to catch a couple of B52s getting refuelled a couple of weeks back. I’ve been able to rig up my MVT7100 to a spare length of co-ax and the reception with this is good enough that I can listen to two HF freqs at the same time

There really isn’t much else to say about the last few weeks. Because of the weather I haven’t taken any photos so there’s nothing to do with the website, although I am planning to go through some of my older images to add them. Now the evenings are darker it will give me something to do. I’ll probably get on with some more art too.

Thats if I’m not online playing Call of Duty – Black Ops 🙂


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