Japan memories

This time last year I was doing 300KPH in a Bullet Train from Tokyo to Fukuoka. Well when I say a Bullet Train, I meant 2 Bullet Trains and an Inter City version from Narita to Tokyo Downtown. Bearing in mind that I travelled on three trains and travelled about 1000 miles, I did it in about 10 hours and not one train was late, not even a minute! In comparison, few weeks later I travelled from Kilmarnock to Manchester, was an hour and a half late and had to stand up for 3 hours because they’d only provided 4 carriages for about 8 carriages worth of people – brilliant.

After my Bullet train journey I then spent 3 days travelling around the South western part of Japan on my own in a car that only had a Japanese Speaking SatNav. But it was brilliant, probably the best part of the Japanese holiday; I went to some great bases, took some great pictures (I think anyway) and had some fantastic experiances. I wish I did this back then to record them all.



3 thoughts on “Japan memories

  1. Good Afternoon Tony, Love the photos of the Land Rover!! Brought back memories of happy days spent in the back of one, more cluttered than, and sadly probably not so well equipeed, as yours! Still, as any old serviceman knows, if you cannot take a joke, don’t join! Great site mate, Best, Gary. PS Did you serve at Digby?

  2. Hi Tony, great to see you on this Krypto link. I got here via NVA Forum which is, as you know, an ex service forum for former East German servicemen. Great to see you. Thought I had seen “Planesnstuff” before. Very Best Regards, Gary

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