Japan memories

This time last year I was doing 300KPH in a Bullet Train from Tokyo to Fukuoka. Well when I say a Bullet Train, I meant 2 Bullet Trains and an Inter City version from Narita to Tokyo Downtown. Bearing in mind that I travelled on three trains and travelled about 1000 miles, I did it in about 10 hours and not one train was late, not even a minute! In comparison, few weeks later I travelled from Kilmarnock to Manchester, was an hour and a half late and had to stand up for 3 hours because they’d only provided 4 carriages for about 8 carriages worth of people – brilliant.

After my Bullet train journey I then spent 3 days travelling around the South western part of Japan on my own in a car that only had a Japanese Speaking SatNav. But it was brilliant, probably the best part of the Japanese holiday; I went to some great bases, took some great pictures (I think anyway) and had some fantastic experiances. I wish I did this back then to record them all.